Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat

Body Image Story (Trailer)

February 08, 2023 Tiphany Kane/ KaSa Media Productions Season 1 Episode 1
Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat
Body Image Story (Trailer)
Diet, Riot, Sweat, Repeat with Tiphany Kane
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Show Notes

As a woman who's lived a very active life, I still always felt like my body was never quite right.  This podcast is all about exploring these insane body image issues that so many of us have grown up with and been subjected to, especially as females. I am excited to explore stories from people of color as people that are in perhaps bodies of a different gender than they were born in. People transitioning,  non-binary people who society says, "Your body is not presenting in the way we expect it to present, and therefore we will shame you about it".  We explore these stories and look at why we have all of these body image stories.

 Those are the stories I'm really excited about exploring because we live in bodies that the patriarchal system we are in has told  what our bodies should look like, what we should do with our bodies, the value of our bodies, and when our bodies are no longer valued. And we're talking about ageism, we're talking about weight, we're talking about just size and shape and color and all of those things. 

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